SOAK 2022

Preliminary program

Preliminary speaker list

Invited speakers:

  • Rebecka Jörnsten, Professor of Matemathical Statistics at Chalmers University of Technology
  • Ulf Brännlund, Principal Optimisation Expert at Volue


  • André Schnabel: Selecting mixed-integer programming formulations for resource-constrained project scheduling problems via machine learning
  • André Schnabel: A tour of the GAMS ecosystem in 2022
  • Jan Kronqvist and Jan Rolfes Finding: Feasible operation modes for power distribution systems by discrete adjustments in distributional robust optimization
  • Frej Knutar Lewander: Fundamentals of a Constraint-Based Local Search Solver
  • Sunney Fotedar, Ann-Brith Strömberg, Edvin Åblad and Torgny Almgren: Robust optimization of a bi-objective tactical resource allocation problem with uncertain qualification costs
  • Sara Frimodig: Column Generation as a Tool for Automated Radiation Therapy Patient Scheduling
  • Nils-Hassan Quttineh: An optimization approach for planning a dinner safari
  • Jan Kronqvist: Lifted reformulations for mixed-integer nonlinear programming
  • Roghayeh Hajizadeh and Kaj Holmberg: Coordination of vehicles in urban snow removal
  • Tomas Lidén: A Bi-level Approach for Scheduling Railway Renewal Projects
  • Andy Oertel: Certified CNF Translations for Pseudo-Boolean Solving
  • Christian Carling: Visualising weight uncertainty in MCDA: Simple graphical techniques
  • Emil Karlsson and Bo Granbom: Maturing technology and gaining knowledge through prototyping
  • Spartak Zikrin, Patrick Hennig, Konrad Gras, Praneeth Karempudi and Johan Elf: Super-resolution 3D single-molecule localization in E. coli using deep learning
  • Gianpiero Canessa, Shen Peng and Zhihua Allen-Zhao: Chance constrained conic-segmentation support vector machine with uncertain data
  • Kamran Forghani, Di Yuan, Justin Pearson, Mats Carlsson and Pierre Flener: Sawing optimization using 3D scanning data for the wood industry
  • Jakob Nordstrom: Certified Symmetry and Dominance Breaking for Combinatorial Optimisation
  • Maria Andreina Francisco Rodriguez, Jordi Carreras Puigvert and Ola Spjuth: Using Constraint Programming to Design Microplate Layouts
  • Waldemar Kocjan and Mattias Grönkvist: Crew Teaming in Airline Pairing Optimization